This is a list of innovative travel blog sites that I read and follow. They are written by independent travel writers, the list consist of those that I consider as heavy-weights in travel blogging. These blog writers are connected with big travel sites/blogs however their focus is on living a distinct life (getting to see the world around them) and be an insightful authors. All of them are enjoyable and inspirational to check out.

Blog site: Everything-Everywhere

Writer: Gary Arndt

Gary has been on the road since 2007 as a professional tourist. On the blog you’ll discover interviews with leading figures in the industry like Laura Bly from The posts are accurate yet personal as they consist of Gary’s insights and factors for visiting each of the destinations. Everything-Everywhere is the leading travel blog writer on Twitter according to its Klout score.

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Blog Site: Nomadic Matt

Author: Matt Kepness

Matt offers practical and tactical guidance about the best ways to travel much better, cheaper and longer. The blog provides down-to-earth details about the best ways to explore the world. The blog is more of a collection of beneficial pointers instead of a chronicle of Matt’s adventures although there is a travel guide section with information collected from Matt’s travels since 2004. The website consists of videos and a list of resources.

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Blog site: Go-See-Write

Author: Michael Hodson

Travelling given that 2008 he prevented the globe without getting on an aircraft. The blog site consists of Michael’s experiences and experiences as he goes through each of the travel destinations. Dubai travel is consisted of in the long list of locations you can check out and there is a section of travel destination tips. The blog is an individual journey of a solo traveler exploring the world.

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Blog: Fox Nomad

Author: Anil Polat

Chosen by the Huffington Post as one of the leading travel writers to see Anil is a full-time traveller however a gizmo geek also, so the focus of the blog is frequently on the technical aspect of travel. He often checks out countries which are off-the-beaten-track and gives practical advice about ways to cope in places like Yemen and Iraq. On the blog you’ll find destination suggestions, tech posts, resources and insights into green travel and culture.

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Blog: Legal Nomads

Author: Jodi – A previous Lawyer from Montreal

She has been travelling and eating her method around the globe since 2008 and the blog site focuses on food, culture and her experiences. Among the plus points about this travel author’s blog site is that it is ad-free (except for Amazon links) which makes it an extremely clean-cut blog to take a look at. This is an excellent blog site to see if you’re into food associated travel, the blog is on the MSN list of top travel blogs.

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Blog: Almost Fearless

Writer: Christine Gilbert

One of the leading ranking travel & leisure blog sites composed by a mom traveling with her household considering that 2008, this blog site has gorgeous photography and the mix of family, self and travel. The household travel focus can be seen by the blog site areas – life, cooking area, pictures and kids. You’ll find some helpful location ideas but more basic life insights.

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Blog site: Camels and Chocolates

Author: Kristin Luna

Among the leading travel author blogs inning accordance with and other “leading” lists due to the well written text. The author is a professional journalist, has talked to the stars and in addition is a travel addict. She covers a long list of travel locations taping her experiences with the occasional travel location tip thrown in. The blog site boasts numerous photos of the travel writer in the various travel locations.

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Blog Site: Johnny Vagabond

Author: Wes

Another of the Huffington Post picks for finest travel writer blogs, the charm of this blog is in the well composed descriptions of the author’s experiences. Wes is traveling around the world on a tight spending plan and taking dazzling images as he goes. The writing is engaging, smart and amusing along with giving you a lot of information about the travel destinations.

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Blog: 48 Hour Adventure

Author: Justin Morris

A very beneficial and highly useful blog site where each post is committed to a 48 hour plan of what to see and perform in numerous travel destinations. Exactly what makes this travel & leisure blog site standout is its no-nonsense functional quality. You’ll discover a “48 hours in Dubai” post if you’re interested in Dubai travel, noting sites, how to get around, orientation and plenty of large images.

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Blog Site: Global Grasshopper

Author: A group of travel authors Gary and Becky

Unlike many of the blog sites on this list it is not a chronicle of any one person’s travels however rather a collection of inspiring travel stories and travel destination ideas composed by travel writers. For example you’ll discover “leading 10” lists, cool hotels and stunning places along with the area for travel snobs!

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Blog: Travel Business Success

Writer: Tourism Tim Warren

Given That 1994 Tourism Tim Warren works to influence, guide & connect tourism pros’ to realize their dreams. From Michigan to Mongolia, Baja to Bolivia, “Tourism Tim” Warren has helped 1000’s of small start-up tour operators to worldwide company advancement firms increase sales, arrivals and revenues through his book, online courses and webinars. An entrepreneur at heart, he takes pleasure in helping current & future travel entrepreneurs succeed economically following their passion of an occupation in tourist.